Before We Wake.

I had this idea one morning. As I was driving into work and passed by all of the major stores and strip malls along the route, the big, empty parking lots, in the very early dawn hour light was quite intriguing to me. So, one morning, armed with my Widelux and Cinestill 800T film that I decided to push 3 stops; I made my way from lot to lot, and made my exposures. As this was pretty much a test to see how things turned out, I wasn't putting my all into it. But, knowing now that I really like the way they've turned out, I plan to make more exposures over the course of many mornings and really capture the emptiness and loneliness feeling these spaces convey.


Also, one driving shot for good measure.

Lorelei Imogen

Emily and I had our second child, Lorelei, on 11/4/15 and I documented the whole hospital trip on black & white film with my Leica M4-2 and Fujica G690BL. She was a c-section because she was breech, but, it doesn't matter how they come into the world, it's all such a beautiful time.